How to Make a "Flapper Dress" Homemade

My sister and I are sewing my costume for the "I Can't Get Over You" music video (link is on blog.)

What I wanted was a "flapper" dress. Unfortunately, the costumes that were out there on Halloween were not going to meet my level of quality. They seemed flimsy and sparse. So, here's what we did, we got a dress that is already sewn but would work well with the "shimmy" ribbon. I was so fortunate to get exact colors and a perfect dress!

Here is the dress, you are going to have to excuse my dorky-ness in these photos:
 Then you need to get matching "shimmy" ribbon to sew on. Get as much as you need, for as many lines you are going to sew. We "taped" the shimmies so they are manageable to work with:
 Then after you "pin" the ribbon you can sew it up. (The finished version is going to debut in the video.)


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